Lazy Horses

Well it’s the middle of winter up here and it’s been pretty cold but you wouldn’t be able to tell with the behavior of my horses. I just happened to look out my living room window and this is what I saw.

Girls Napping

This is Ogellee (my old mare), Liana, Ossette & Onora.

Liana and Ossa

A close up of Ossette and Liana with Rosco prowling to see if he can cause any trouble.


Ogellee claiming her pile of hay.

Sisters Napping

And my favorite the two sisters Ossette & Onora laying head to head.

Trips & Activities

Christmas in a Nutshell

Anna and I (Ashton) woke up and opened all the gifts in our stockings. We started cooking breakfast, and Carol and Buddy showed up. We ate and opened all our gifts. Some gifts of note include: 2 tickets to Garth Brooks Concert at the Staples Center, Star Wars Risk, “under-cabinet radio” for the kitchen, and lots of modeling supplies for me.


I did some donuts with the four-wheeler and then we visited with our neighbors. Their 10-year-old son got a “Marble Factory” where the marble runs down all these different shoots, and slides… but someone had to make it first. So I spent an hour on that.

Here’s a picture of the aftermath of Our presents:

Note my Star Wars Risk Game in the front.

Then we went to Carol and Buddy’s for Dinner and some board games. We played my new Risk game “Risk – Star Wars Original Trilogy Edition” and a variant of Backgammon. I won the backgammon game and the first game of Star Wars. I was the Rebels, Anna was the Empire, and Buddy and Carol were the Hutts.

The first game of Star Wars Risk lasted 30 minutes… I had just enough time to explain the rules to Buddy, and then I won.

The Second game, I got hammered as the other two teams fought it out to a very close game. Anna ended up winning by wiping me off the galaxy.

Nothing like getting owned by your wife at Risk to finish off a great Christmas Day =).

Merry Christmas to you all,
Ashton (and Anna)

Animals Mocha

Nap Time

If you have not yet been convinced of how amazing my cat, Mocha is, let me elaborate a little:

Mocha Rules
She will hang out on your shoulders for hours at a time.

Enjoy =)