Family Game Night

Our family has always played lots of games. Archer has been playing 8+ and 10+ age recommended games with me for at least a year. Tonight, we finally got our entire 5-person family together to play a board game together. (It’s possible that we’ve done this before, but I don’t think Atley stayed long enough to finish the game.)

We played King of Tokyo on daddy’s New board game table, and daddy just barely won just before bed time.

Atley knocked out Nana with lots of “smash” side, and then bought high altitude bombing to deal 3 damage to everyone in the game.

Then Archer rolled 5 smash dice and gave the most adorable evil laugh. We tried to recreate it lol :

Trips & Activities

Hidden Board Game Table

After doing some research and watching some videos, I decided to make a board game table with a cloth surface for posting cards and games.

I found this table on Facebook for $10, bought some cloth off ebay, and got to work.

Archer Family Trips & Activities

Archer’s Big Soccer Game

Archer’s Soccer team is called “Fireball Dragons” (because they couldn’t decide on one). This is Archer’s third year of Soccer.

He played a small local league in Polson when he was 4, and after we moved to Oregon, he played on the McMinnville League (which Plays 7 weeks in Spring and 7 weeks in Fall). (Ashton’s been very happy to coach him every year so far.)

Last year, Archer had been very tentative and unwilling to try to take the ball from an opponent (unless it was Dad or Atley =)). At the end of last year, he started to be less hesitant, but this year, he’s all tenacious ferocity.

The ball even hit him in the face and he still got the ball back and took a strong shot.

And even with Coach’s best efforts to focus on passing to each other and getting open, Archer scored 9 goals today. Anna caught 3 of them.

Coach is very happy to see him and his team improving so much. We’ve had wonderful weather and a great group of kids and parents.

Oregon Ranch

Cloudy Days and Sunsets

The clouds are back as the rains have started this year, and I just love them.

Family Trips & Activities

Lost Lake

This weekend we went out our very first camping trip as a Family. Archer is 6 and Atley is 4, and we made it out to Lost Lake for two nights of camping.

The Reeves found this beautiful place and we had a fantastic time camping together. They have 3 children that our kids just adore. We first found the Reeves when I found their blog about being a Scientology Parent. They ended up visiting us in Montana when they were moving to Oregon, and now we live near each other.