Merry Christmas From the Oregon A-Team

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years from the Oregon A-Team.

It was a very busy year for us all.

Ashton is overhauling his website business. He’s been creating and marketing custom website designs since 2003 with Websites in a Flash, but has started to really focus on online marketing (SEO and online ads).

Anna’s continues to run her horse barn, Whispering Oaks and her dog-breeding business, Sweet Pine Puppies. She has been enjoying learning so much about dogs and dog training.

Atley is 7

He loves art more than anything. He draws and paints. He loves training dogs with Mom.

Anna is Atley’s Cub Scout Leader as a Wolf. Atley loves soccer. He’s competitive and loves challenging his brother.

He loves to play with his two best friends, who are neighbors.

Archer is 9

He loves reading and math.

He just learned how to solve the rubik’s cube in about a minute.

He is in the Webelo Cub Scouts. Ashton is his leader.

Archer also loves soccer and Karate. He just earned his Purple belt.

All the boys went to a local Oregon cub scout camp, which was a blast!

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