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Chickens have paid for themselves!

We got our two chickens on 7/30/07 for $10.

On 9/9/07, they gave us their 48th egg! and at $2.50/dozen, they have officially saved us $10!!! They have paid for themselves! Yeay

Now they only owe us the $140 or so that we put into the chicken supplies, etc. They are fortunate that I didn’t charge them for my time I’ve put into building their home.


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Website Design Blog

Here’s just an added side note for some other thing’s I’ve been up to. Along with this blog, I’ve been keeping a Website Design Blog (Click there) that has lots of website tips and tricks. It’s designed to simplify the website design and development process to plain English.


Animals Chickens

Another Chicken Coop Update

I’ve added the Fourth wall of the chicken coop, and it turned out quite nicely.

Here’s the back sides:

Here is a good set of Before and After Pictures:



It’s been quite a project, and I’m almost done… all I have left to build is a roof. I’ll be doing that before it starts to rain and snow for obvious reasons.

Oh yea, and here’s a picture of our chickens trying to get some sleep. (The light is from a heat lamp we have to keep them warm on the cold nights.)

More to come later,
Ashton Sanders


New Desk

Hey all,

I got a new desk in my office thanks to Anna’s step-father, Buddy.

Here are some pictures of my office in the sunroom:


Ashton Sanders