Ranch Stone Wall

Stone Wall Update + Snake

Geoffrey and I put in a couple hours on my stone wall back on the 4th of August (I changed the date on this post ;)).

When Donald helped us dig out the Garden, I had him put a lot of the excess dirt into my stone wall area. Now that we have a good start with the dirt, Geo and I moved some more rocks into place to make a nice rounded corner next to the “turn around spot.”

Here’s a quick before (from last year) and after:

One of the first large rocks we moved had a large beautiful snake living underneath it:

Animals Ranch Rosco Stone Wall

Ranch Update

Here’s another picture blog of how things are around the ranch:

Every year, for a couple weeks, our hill is covered in these yellow flowers just about the time I forget their name…

I did another load of Shale Rocks:

This bird made a nest in our Hayshed:

Rosco and Penelope watch over our land:
and play:

A “California Red Garter Snake” decided to die in front of the Hay shed to scare the “bajebas” out of Anna:

Our Duck and Chickens are GINORMOUS:

We got some lawn ornaments that double as full time lawnmowers:

What? No adorable pictures of Mocha in a picture post? Impossible!


Animals Mocha Ranch Stone Wall

Pile of AshAnna Pictures

Life around AshAnna’s place has been crazy as of late. We’ve been doing so much, It would take too long to make a post for each item, so I’m going to throw them all together in picture format. I’ll try to do a little of narration to keep you on track.

First: Mocha. I’m sorry, she’s just so ridiculous I can’t help but take the pictures:
Mocha - King of the Jungle...
(This one’s so awesome I created it as a 1440×900 desktop too.)
Anna says "..."
Miracle Grow?
Depression Hurts

Ashton finally got his hair cut:
Time for Ashton's Semi-Annual hair cut

Ashanna created a flowerbed on “the dull side of the house”
Ashton makes yet another stack of rocks

Here’s the progress on the stone wall:
AshAnna's stone wall progress

We rented a post-pounder for the weekend.
Ash+Mocha on a John Deere

We woke up the other day to this:
We wake up to 3 horses all in a row

There were three of them in this next picture… but I was too slow.
Liana and Nora Drinking thirstily

And the red one was pecking at their toes


Ranch Stone Wall

My Summer Project – Stone Wall

If you’ve ever been to our house, as you drive down our driveway, up to our house, you’ll see a nice line of large rocks on the right, with small trees in between them. On the left, you see a pile of dirt and rocks, covered in weeds.

I (Ashton) got this crazy idea in my mind that I can create a awesome terraced planter there! So, as crazy ideas usually begin, I got right to work. =]

Whoever built our house evidently ran into a bunch of large rocks as they are distributed around the property, including on top of this ugly hill. I brought it upon myself to bring these rocks down, and line them up in a nice straight line. Mind you these rocks are 300-600 lbs each…

Here’s the first shot I took of the area. You can see the random large rocks around the top of this hill: (I have already moved two big rocks into place.)
The Project Begins

And then I moved a bunch of them down.
Rocks Move

Buddy helped me move the last one (on the right), which was at least 500lbs.
More rocks come down the hill

Here’s a close up of the progression that I went through in ~4 hours:
Close up

More to come,