Rosco Sanders 2006-2022

Rosco was Anna and my first dog. He arrived at our house the very first morning after we moved into our Montana Ranch, after living in a truck bed.

He was the sweetest dog we could ask for, and we’re so happy for the many years of endless love he shared with us.

He was a great learner and quickly learned to be great friends with his sister, Mocha.

He was a happy, happy dog who always wanted to help. He loved chasing soccer balls, and was ruthless when playing keep away.

He was a great ranch dog. He would greet us as we arrived home, standing in the middle of the driveway, and moving to the side to run next to the car back to the house. Once, our friends drove for two days to visit us, only to be greeted by Rosco standing in the middle of the driveway. They slowed to a stop, and Rosco stood there confused for about a minute before we convinced our friends to keep driving.

He traveled from Montana to Oregon with us

Great memory: Rosco would be our “Fire Marshall” at every campfire. He loved chasing embers from the fire. He would eat every flying ember until he was breathing smoke.

Thank you Rosco!

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