Archer’s 9th Birthday

What a great day! When Archer was young he used to say “This is the best day ever.” all the time. Today Archer said, “This is the best birthday ever.” and it was pretty darn fun. We did a lot!

We headed to Lincoln City to shoot some indoor archery, which was a blast. There were 4 targets to shoot, and we shoot non-stop for 1.5 hours.

There were a good number of bullseye’s too!

Then we had cake. Archer picked out a sweet lemon tart cake.

Then we went to the arcade and played Minecraft dungeons. This was the first arcade I’ve seen that gives you physical items for playing. Archer ended up with a bunch of Minecraft cards, which he loves!

Then we saw Sonic 2!

Happy Birthday Archer!


Happy Halloween

We had a wonderful Halloween day. Our great friends Katie and Brian came to visit for the weekend.

We started the day off with a three mile hike with the boys and Bella.

Then we went to our neighborhood Halloween Party. We all dressed up as Pirates, and I ran the Halloween Contest. Katie and Brian put together some amazing Smurf costumes!

We had a great time at Erin’s. They really went all out with decorations and treats and fun events. We’re very glad to be part of the first one!


Happy Birthday Nana

It was a wet day with lots of rain, but we still celebrated with 4 games of Space Base before the end of the night. We did two 2-player games, a 5-player game and a 4-player game.

Happy birthday Carol! Here’s to an even better year!


2021 Horse Riding!

Anna’s has built up a horse training business that is booming. She can’t take any more students right now.

Ashton even got a lesson a couple weekends ago. Today, we did an arena and trail ride with Ashton, Evan and Anna. Archer even got his horse for the arena ride.

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2020 Newsletter

As crazy as 2020 was, we still managed to have a great year.

Archer and Atley did a lot this year. They are both loving schooling with Nana (Anna’s Mom).

Archer has been taking piano lessons, and is getting very good. He’s a Wolf in Cub Scouts, and had gotten back into Pokemon (Cards + Go).

Altey joined Cub Scouts this year with a couple friends, and is getting very good at basic math and reading.

Anna got her long-awaited four-horse barn built this year, and Ashton got to help build the tack and feed rooms.

Ashton has been working on taking his business to the next level as well as teaching his boys all of his boy scout camp songs.