Rosco Sanders 2006-2022

Rosco was Anna and my first dog. He arrived at our house the very first morning after we moved into our Montana Ranch, after living in a truck bed.

He was the sweetest dog we could ask for, and we’re so happy for the many years of endless love he shared with us.

He was a great learner and quickly learned to be great friends with his sister, Mocha.

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A-Team 2021

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
from the Oregon A-Team,
Ashton, Anna, Archer, Atley and Nana
3 dogs: Rosco, Bella and Molly
4 horses: Nevada, Thunder, Maisey, and Dune
5 cats: Mocha, Bandit, Silver, Cinder and Fortress
10 chickens

As 2021 comes to a close, we look back on a very big year for our family.

Mocha Pups

Mocha and the dog beds

Mocha has decided this dog bed is hers now. She’s been stealing it all week.

Animals Mocha Rosco

Rosco and Mocha

Roscoe waiting patiently for his older sister, Mocha, to drink her water.


New Kittens!

Meet Shadow (grey tabby) and Pepper (black/white):