Ashton Anna Grub Club

Happy Birthday Felix

For Felix’s birthday, he wanted to play INIS! (Ashton’s favorite board game!) We played two games over 5 hours, and I won one.

We also had a game of Code Names going.

Jason won the first game, and Ashton won the second. Then after everyone left, Felix and Ashton played one game of Mechs vrs Minions.

Happy Birthday Felix! Thanks for playing!

Grub Club Montana Summer

Grub Club Ventures Outside

(FYI, Grub Club is our Thursday gathering of friends. If you’re ever in MT, swing by.)

We finally had fairly decent weather for our grub club, so we decided to build a campfire. For the first grub club campfire of last year we burned a dog house, so we had to come up with something fun and cool that we could do/burn…

Ashton and Anna's Grub Club Photos

Are those Pizza Hut boxes?

Ashton and Anna's Grub Club Photos

That’s right. We made a Pizza Hut Fort! Donald came up with the structure idea: using card stacking methods to build the different layers.

Grub Club Ranch

Da Roof is on Fire

Today was our official Grub Club of Summer [read it was warm enough to go outside], and to celebrate we had a bonfire with smores. But it wasn’t just any bonfire:

Yes, that is a dog house on the fire, and that is Donald on the dog house. (Don’t worry, we were following all regulations regarding climbing onto burning Dog Houses. And yes we had water and shovels handy for fire suppression =]) The doghouse came with Rosco, and Rosco didn’t like it. We also didn’t like it because it was ugly. So here is it burning:

(The fire’s brightness made everything else really dark =])

Fire suppression at work:

Then we threw on another pallet, and sang songs into the night…

“Yo, Ho, Yo, Ho, a Pirates life for me…”