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2009 Family Trip in Images

Hi All,

Here’s a picture diary with some notes of when my family came to visit this year! We had a great time.

One of the many projects everyone worked on was putting up the fence around the “foal paddock.” Everyone pitched in and worked hard. It cam out looking beautiful. Grandpa Joe even took time to help spread the weeds. =) (Just kidding, he worked on it more than anyone else.)

Here’s some family photos:

Grandpa Joe helping to tame Aspen (the wild mustang who is scared to death of humans).

Some Cowboy shots with Geoffrey and Ossette.

<3 yall,

Ashton and Anna

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Dear Ashton and Anna,
A very belated Happy Anniversary! I tried to call on Sunday for Ashton’s birthday but no answer. We were thinking of you both and hope it was a happy one. The barn looks great. I am so enjoying the website with pictures and all. Think of you both often and so happy that all is going well.
Jared is loving UCF. He is interning with the sports dept. and getting some good experience. Evan is having a great junior year. He is really involved with the school and traveling soccer. He wants to play in college. I moved to 2nd grade and loving it.
Miss you and love you both!
Aunt Debbie

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