Happy Birthday Nana

It was a wet day with lots of rain, but we still celebrated with 4 games of Space Base before the end of the night. We did two 2-player games, a 5-player game and a 4-player game.

Happy birthday Carol! Here’s to an even better year!


2021 Horse Riding!

Anna’s has built up a horse training business that is booming. She can’t take any more students right now.

Ashton even got a lesson a couple weekends ago. Today, we did an arena and trail ride with Ashton, Evan and Anna. Archer even got his horse for the arena ride.


New Kittens!

Meet Shadow (grey tabby) and Pepper (black/white):

Pups Trips & Activities

Happy Halloween

Atley didn’t want to wear his costume, so Ashton did!

“The Child” is Molly, out latest addition to our farm. We hope you had a safe holiday.

Chickens Oregon Ranch

Ashton’s 4th Chicken Coop Build (part 1)

It’s that time again! We’re building a better chicken coop. Last year, I built a smaller A-Frame Chicken coop for our small flock of 6 chickens. We’ve expanded to 14 chickens so we need a much larger coop and run.

The chickens are very detailed inspectors. They’ve visited me every time I’m working on the coop. The grey chicken’s name is Lavender, and she’s amazingly fearless. She laid an egg inside my coop while I was working on it yesterday.