Animals Mocha Rosco

Rosco and Mocha

Roscoe waiting patiently for his older sister, Mocha, to drink her water.

Archer Atley

Early Family Photoshoot

We managed to get out family photoshoot for our Christmas card done early this year. Here’s a couple pictures.


Cub Scouts 2021

This is Archer’s 4th year as a Cub scout and Atley’s 2nd. It’s my second year as the pack leader, and I’m determined to get the numbers of scouts back up near 35 kids again. I had a 6×2 got sign made for the bottom of my driveway, and the pictures are great, but the words are too small.

So this year, the boys helped me paint a spare price of plywood!

Check out the site I made for



Happy 6th Birthday Atley

Happy 6th Birthday to Atley!

The local jump house guy’s just got a new alien jump house, and it is huge!


Happy Birthday Nana

It was a wet day with lots of rain, but we still celebrated with 4 games of Space Base before the end of the night. We did two 2-player games, a 5-player game and a 4-player game.

Happy birthday Carol! Here’s to an even better year!