Rosco Sanders 2006-2022

Rosco was Anna and my first dog. He arrived at our house the very first morning after we moved into our Montana Ranch, after living in a truck bed.

He was the sweetest dog we could ask for, and we’re so happy for the many years of endless love he shared with us.

He was a great learner and quickly learned to be great friends with his sister, Mocha.

Archer Atley Scouts Trips & Activities

Butte Creek Cub Scout Ranch 2022

Atley is 6 (almost 7) and Archer is 9. This is our first time camping outside with both boys (only Archer has gone to a summer camp before). This is our first time at Butte Creek, and although the staff shortage was very noticeable, the boys had a blast!

Our pack is pack 215, and we brought 10 kids and 8 adults. We were put in the Yellow Rose campsite with pack 503, who had 3 kids (all bears) and 3 adults.

Here’s a video of the skit we did at the closing campfire:

Archer is in the tan shirt, and Atley is 5th from the left.


Atley’s morning quote

Dad says, “Strawberries are like candy!”

Atley says, “No. Candy is like candy.”

Family Oregon Ranch

June 2022 Weekend

I haven’t posted in a while, so here’s a quick summary of what we did this last weekend.

It’s hay week and it was very hot, so we’ve been getting hay from Delphian at sunset to keep from overheating.

I also helped a friend start digging up his back yard with his excavator, put up a new Star Wars Poster in my shop, and Atley did some amazing art!

Anna ran “Anna Camp” to kick off the summer. She entertained 10 children for 3 weeks! Then, on the hottest day, yet, the families went to the beach for some cool breezes, sun and sand. Archer loved throwing the football, and was amazingly good at getting it to spiral. Atley and his friends dug and played all day long.

Ashton finally got to see Weird Al live! It was amazing. Al is quite the entertainer! His live rendition of Albuquerque alone was worth the price of admission. He played all Ashton’s favorite originals! Bonus for getting to go with friends he don’t get to hang out with enough. Chris H and Matthew H.

It was a great weekend!

Archer Atley Married Life Trips & Activities

Ski Trips 2022

It’s spring skiing season! This was our first year skiing at Meadows, which is also at Mount Hood. They had an amazing deal for a spring skiing pass that included lessons, rentals and lift ticket. Our COVID family all got passes and rented a place to stay for 4 days.

Both boys took 3 lessons, Ashton switched back to skis and took 2 lessons. Anna, Jason and Chloe also took a lesson. Archer even rented a snow board for a lesson (since they’re free with this pad)!

The kids all improved a lot. Atley just wanted to go as fast as he could go, but he has learned how to turn and hockey stop.

Round 2

It’s only a two hour drive so we went back up on April 9-10. We stayed at a cute cabin on the east side of the mountain, as it started to snow like crazy. The forecast showed lime 7 inches of snow for that 24 hours.

It was much colder, and the wind was blowing hard down the mountain, so sitting in the chair lift was freezing; but coming down the hill was great. We’re all got a lot of skiing in! Ashton had to convince Atley to take a break for lunch. The cold didn’t bother him one bit.

The boys are getting very comfortable on skis.

Archer and Atley did a couple races down the bunny hill when they were more comfortable… Although both made some poor decisions in this video, no one was hurt… But we stopped racing. (Excuse my profanity.)

Round 3

On Archer’s birthday, Anna took both boys and their teacher/Nana (and 2 friends) up to the hill for a full day of skiing. They had a blast.

I’ll try to update when we go again.

Oregon A-Team