2006 Summary


To summarize the last couple months of our life:

3/13/06: Anna and I bought our first house!
3/27/06: I popped the question and Anna Said “yes”
She said Yes!
May: Ashton found a little kitten running around our yard and adopted her! Her name is Mocca (or Mocha, depending on who you ask =])

5/29/06: I got on a plane and left my two girls in Montana. =[ I think about them constantly, and can’t wait to see the love of my life again.



Ashton Anna

Welcome to AshtonAnna’s Blog

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Ashton & Anna’s Life. We wanted to keep everyone updated on our life and what is new and exciting.

Currently Ashton has left for 3 months to Camp Cherry Valley which will be his last year for a while. So I am waiting here in Polson for his return and keeping myself very busy with our house, gardening, horses and work!