Archer Atley Family

First A-Team Family Bike Ride

Both of our boys have had bikes for the last year at our new house, and they have enjoyed riding around the driveway pad, but in the last two months, they have really gotten into it. They’ve been out there riding in a circle on their training wheels almost every day.

Saturday, I finally found a second adult bike! So Sunday, we took our bikes (and Goldie) to the local park and rode around town as a family.

(We’ll get better pictures next time.)

I took Archer’s training wheels off for a little while and ran around behind him holding him up to give him a feel for it. He’s not quite ready to try on his own yet.

Oregon Ranch

McMinnville Rodeo

As we always enjoyed the small town rodeos in Montana, Anna was excited to see what a larger town in Oregon would have. Atley’s friend Desmond came along too.

Traffic and parking was a little crazy before and after, but it was a fun rodeo. It wasn’t fun as smoothly as we’ve seen in Montana, and about the same turn out. McMinnville did have a huge fair and concert going the same weekend, though, so the total number of people there was much more.