Ashton Anna Epic Barn Project Ranch

It looks like a Barn!

On the 2nd of September, we got the front cross beams up. You can see in the below picture that we’ve got all of the main outside walls up. (The back side will be mostly open for horses.)

Work on the Epic Barn on September 2

Here’s a picture of a truck and trailer in the barn so you can get a feel for how large this barn is: (We used the trailer as scafolding.)
Truck and trailer in the barn

We had a barn raising party on the 4th, but only Donald came over. =( It ended up being perfect anyway. We spent about three hours on the North side of the epic barn and got 6 more boards up. It’s really amazing that we can get so little done in so much time… but I guess that’s all part of the learning curve.

We got those three horizontal boards on top and the three boards directly below them
Work on the Epic Barn on September 4

Labor Day Weekend

Buddy came over in the morning and Donald came over in the afternoon. We worked on it from 10:00 to 7:00 and this is what we got done:

Epic Barn Rafters

How great is that! It looks like a barn. I realized that building things is one of my favorite hobbies. Hopefully this means most of the calculating and measuring is done… but it doesn’t.

Here’s some more pics for your entertainment:
Work on the Epic Barn on September
Work on the Epic Barn on September

Haha, good times,
Ashton Anna

(P.S. Special Thanks to Amber and Anna for taking pictures so I could get proof that I do work on this barn. )

5 replies on “It looks like a Barn!”

Looks nice. However, I’m going to have to fine you for not wearing safety glasses or hard hats. I’m also going to have to fine you for improper scaffolding and not being tied off when above six feet. I’ll accept payment in chickens or wooden nickels.

Good work. Did you have to take out a permit to build this, or does Montana code allow this to be exempt? Any building official inspections? Just curious. I work in the construction field, and inspectors are a pain.

Keep up the good work!

Hahaha. I’m out of wooden nickels, but have a chicken that only lays shell-less eggs. That’ll have to do 😉

Yea, Montana’s freaking awesome. No permits, no covenants, low crime rate, good neighbors. I’m building a castle next.


A chicken that lays shell-less eggs? You’ve got a deal sir. I’ll keep it next to the stove. Wake up in the morning, pat her head, BAM!!! Scrambled eggs! You’ve made my life that much easier.

I read through all of the posts, but didn’t find anything on how you aqcuired the barn. Was is a relocation project? Did you inherit it? Did a wizard offer it to you explaining that if you built it the kingdom would come? 🙂

Keep the updates coming. It looks like a cool project.

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