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Epic Barn Project: Walls are going up

It’s been another crazy week. Anna’s family came to visit and work as been keeping me busy.

Clayton came over for a few hours yesterday and a couple hours today to help put up the cross braces. After a couple “planning failures” and taking out some tough nails, we got a pretty good hang of it.

This pole barn is extremely simple. There are three horizontal cross-braces between each pole and then we’ll nail boards vertically to them to create the wall. Here’s the first side of the barn we got the braces on:
First barn wall up
That was what we got done yesterday in almost 4 hours.

Today, we got the other short wall done in under 2 hours. We had one measurement failure that caused some of the middle boards to not be perfectly horizontal. Anna and I managed to fix it after the pictures were taken.
second barn wall up

Here’s what the epic barn project looks like now:
Ashton Anna's Epic Barn Project

So far, everything is going as planned. Tomorrow Bryon will be coming over to give me s hand getting the other braces up.

Ashton Anna

2 replies on “Epic Barn Project: Walls are going up”

Look very cool. You are doing a terrific job. Anna, it won’t be long!

Also, I noticed that Aspen finally knocked that fence cross beam out on the north side of the training area. Dad and I talked about securing that while we were there and didn’t get to it.

Glad Bryon is coming over.

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