Epic Barn Project Ranch Snow

Epic Barn Roof

*It is late so please excuse my especially horrible spelling.*

After not working on the epic barn project for 20 days, old man winter peaked his head up just to remind me what’s coming. It snowed a few inches in a night on October 9th… Last year we had snow on June 12th. Someone please tell global warming to hurry up, geeze.

This Epic Barn Project won’t be of much help to anyone without a roof… especially if this winter trend keeps up.

First things first: I called my good neighbor Buzz down for some quality construction advice and so he could chainsaw down the excess top of the support poles.
Buzz chops down the epic barn

Ashton Anna Ranch

Digging a Moat

Digging a moatAs a kid, I’ve always dreamed of doing crazy-awesome things like building a treehouse, slaying an evil dragon or digging a moat around my house. I’ve tried (semi-successfully) to do the first, but finally found a big enough shovel to do the last! (I’m still searching the interwebz for that evil dragon ;))

Another fantastic neighbor, Sam Doble, had an untamed, 3-year-old, large Tenesee Walker (horse) that needed training. He also had an excavator. You can see both in this picture (on the right).

Sam started digging early on October 3rd, 2009.

Digging a moat

Ashton Anna Epic Barn Project Ranch

It looks like a Barn!

On the 2nd of September, we got the front cross beams up. You can see in the below picture that we’ve got all of the main outside walls up. (The back side will be mostly open for horses.)

Work on the Epic Barn on September 2

Here’s a picture of a truck and trailer in the barn so you can get a feel for how large this barn is: (We used the trailer as scafolding.)
Truck and trailer in the barn

We had a barn raising party on the 4th, but only Donald came over. =( It ended up being perfect anyway. We spent about three hours on the North side of the epic barn and got 6 more boards up. It’s really amazing that we can get so little done in so much time… but I guess that’s all part of the learning curve.

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A Winter Morning

We woke up this morning as we always do, and we went out to feed the animals. This time I brought a camera to take pictures of all of the ridiculous animals.

Because of the weather, we’ve been keeping the below three horses in the “large paddock.” Today, we let them out to run around in the field. They ran around for a good 10 minutes.
Ashton Anna's Horses

Ashton Anna's Horses
From left to right is Maple, Onora and Aspen.

While I was out in the pasture I took a picture of our house in the snow:
Ashton Anna's House

Ashton Anna Horses

AshtonAnna Pet the Baby Mustang

AshtonAnna’s baby mustang is a female, but doesn’t have a name as of yet.

We realize that this baby mustang doesn’t know what to think about humans, except for what her mother teaches her… which is going to be “scared as beans.” So we’re trying to get the baby as used to us as possible. The hardest part about this is going to be trying to touch the baby since her mother is so protective.

This morning, Anna went out early to feed the horses, and try to the baby used to humans (at least a little bit). So Anna patiently sat in the middle of their paddock – “just being there.”

AshtonAnna's Mustang

After a while, the baby lied down and fell asleep. Aspen, the mom, got hungry, so she went into that little shelter (where her food is) to eat.

Anna sneaked over to the baby and pet it for at least five minutes. I snuck out with the camera to take some pictures. (Mocha even came out to meet the new baby.)

AshtonAnna's Mustang
AshtonAnna's Mustang

Unfortunately, my camera was too noisy, and Aspen remembered about her baby. She walked over to us snorting (in fear) to wake up the baby.

AshtonAnna's Mustang
(That right there is probably the closest Aspen has ever gotten to a human on her own volition.)

This time she didn’t forget to take the baby with her when she went back to eat.
AshtonAnna's Mustang

Overall a great experience for the baby and Anna!