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• Sunday, February 08th, 2009

After the horrible winter weather we had in December, January was pretty mild. We had a couple below zero weeks, but there wasn’t any snow or wind or anything else that would be considered “bad weather.”

I finally was getting used to all the snow. I was hoping to get 3-6 feet drifts, like we got last January… and it starts to thaw… Normally it doesn’t thaw until March or April, but our south-facing hill has been without snow for weeks already.

I saw the sun setting and decided to take a ride up our hill to see what kind of pictures I could get.

In this first one you can see the Mission Mountains and a series of sledding paths that we created in December and January. 😉

Ashton Anna Home and Montana Mountains

Here’s a shot of our house and Bo, the extremely “skiddish” Wild Mustang.

Ashton Anna Home and Montana Mountains

Here’s Jett (Carol’s other wild mustang) in his new head shot with a nice backdrop. Read the Rest of this Post

• Sunday, January 11th, 2009

We woke up this morning as we always do, and we went out to feed the animals. This time I brought a camera to take pictures of all of the ridiculous animals.

Because of the weather, we’ve been keeping the below three horses in the “large paddock.” Today, we let them out to run around in the field. They ran around for a good 10 minutes.
Ashton Anna's Horses

Ashton Anna's Horses
From left to right is Maple, Onora and Aspen.

While I was out in the pasture I took a picture of our house in the snow:
Ashton Anna's House Read the Rest of this Post

• Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

What a crazy morning.

(Let me first introduce the latest additions to our “ranch.” Anna purchased two wild mustang mares (females) at auction. Here they are:

Wild Mustangs
Nevada and Aspen.

After purchasing the mustangs Anna was reading through the pamphlet they gave her, and it said there was always a possibility of a wild mare being pregnant.)

Now that you have met the mustangs, here’s this morning’s story:

The first thing Anna tells me in the morning is it looks like the coyotes ran off with our chickens. She couldn’t find them anywhere. So we both went looking for them, and found them a good 70 yards from their coop on the north side of our house.

After we brought the chickens back to their almost franticly lonely duck (poor guy), we decided to take a walk down our driveway to see how our newly-planted, baby trees are doing. We’re about half-way down our driveway and Anna says. “What is that?!?!”

Remaining as calm as possible, I look over into the pen and see this:

Wild Mustangs
What is that in front of aspen? No way, it’s a baby! Enjoy the pics of mini-aspen:

Wild Mustangs
Wild Mustangs
Wild Mustangs
Wild Mustangs
Wild Mustangs

I’m sure there will be more to come from AshtonAnna’s Ranch.

UPDATE: This just in: the new foal is a female (filly)!
We’ll be choosing her name tomorrow.