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Pile of AshAnna Pictures

Life around AshAnna’s place has been crazy as of late. We’ve been doing so much, It would take too long to make a post for each item, so I’m going to throw them all together in picture format. I’ll try to do a little of narration to keep you on track.

First: Mocha. I’m sorry, she’s just so ridiculous I can’t help but take the pictures:
Mocha - King of the Jungle...
(This one’s so awesome I created it as a 1440×900 desktop too.)
Anna says "..."
Miracle Grow?
Depression Hurts

Ashton finally got his hair cut:
Time for Ashton's Semi-Annual hair cut

Ashanna created a flowerbed on “the dull side of the house”
Ashton makes yet another stack of rocks

Here’s the progress on the stone wall:
AshAnna's stone wall progress

We rented a post-pounder for the weekend.
Ash+Mocha on a John Deere

We woke up the other day to this:
We wake up to 3 horses all in a row

There were three of them in this next picture… but I was too slow.
Liana and Nora Drinking thirstily

And the red one was pecking at their toes


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