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Lost Lake

This weekend we went out our very first camping trip as a Family. Archer is 6 and Atley is 4, and we made it out to Lost Lake for two nights of camping.

The Reeves found this beautiful place and we had a fantastic time camping together. They have 3 children that our kids just adore. We first found the Reeves when I found their blog about being a Scientology Parent. They ended up visiting us in Montana when they were moving to Oregon, and now we live near each other.

Everyone had a blast camping and playing together.

The Reeves are a huge bicycling family, and our boys were very excited to join in. Archer, Atley and Savannah went up and down this little hill outside our campsite at least a hundred times over the weekend.

Not only, did we take our kids camping for the first time, we also took 2 horses camping with us

It was an unforgettable weekend for both our families. Our kids have found a love for camping and the outdoors, which we’re excited to continue.

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