Family Game Night

Our family has always played lots of games. Archer has been playing 8+ and 10+ age recommended games with me for at least a year. Tonight, we finally got our entire 5-person family together to play a board game together. (It’s possible that we’ve done this before, but I don’t think Atley stayed long enough to finish the game.)

We played King of Tokyo on daddy’s New board game table, and daddy just barely won just before bed time.

Atley knocked out Nana with lots of “smash” side, and then bought high altitude bombing to deal 3 damage to everyone in the game.

Then Archer rolled 5 smash dice and gave the most adorable evil laugh. We tried to recreate it lol :

Archer smashed dad for 5 damage, leaving him at 1 health.

The sunken board game table was prefect for keeping the dice from this game on the table, especially with the kiddos.

See ya next time.


Edit: Also, Archer and I have been playing 7 Wonders Duel which is a pretty complex civilization-building game for two players (recommended 10+ years old). Archer caught on quickly, but I never let him win. I would help him some times, but he often knew what he was doing. We’ve played 10-15 times over the last year, and he finally beat me. He beat me good this time, too.

Here’s the final score chart:

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