Rock Pile 1

Donald, Anna and I took a hike up our hill yesterday to get some exercise. As we approached the top of our hill, we came upon a large pile of loose rocks in front of a perfectly flat 3 foot square rock. The pile or rocks basically leaped out at us and said “Build something with us.” So Donald and I answered the call. After almost three hours of grueling engineering and heavy lifting, we were done with Rock Pile 1:

Ashton and Rock Pile:
Rock Pile

Donald and Rock Pile:
Rock Pile

View through the Rock Pile:
Rock Pile

Hopefully the wind won’t blow it over. 😉

Married Life

Handyman Weekend

On our “little red house”, there is a six-paned window facing the “street.” And a couple weeks ago, one of the panes just fell out and broke. So Anna ordered the new window and gave it to me to install it.

Since I have so much background in installing windows, I’d thought I’d put up a couple pics of how I did. I think it came together nicely.




Voila. Window installed.