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AshtonAnna at Cherry Valley

Ashton here again. I’ve just had the blessing of Anna’s company for 10 days straight! What a great week. Starting with our engagement party on the mainland. Then my love worked with me for a week out on Catalina Island! We had a blast!

Anna is such a hard worker. She ended up just switching around through a number of different jobs, most of witch were very tedious and widely known as “the worst jobs in camp.” Anna loved them all and always had the happy, cheerful smile that I love.

Muah to my baby.
Good night.


Missing Anna

So it has been over 5 weeks since I have seen Anna. =[

*Sadness* But there is only two weeks before I see her again!! boo yea! I love you baby. The weeks are starting to fly by like nobody’s business, so it will feel like only a day before I see you again.

Muah. Love you,


2006 Summary


To summarize the last couple months of our life:

3/13/06: Anna and I bought our first house!
3/27/06: I popped the question and Anna Said “yes”
She said Yes!
May: Ashton found a little kitten running around our yard and adopted her! Her name is Mocca (or Mocha, depending on who you ask =])

5/29/06: I got on a plane and left my two girls in Montana. =[ I think about them constantly, and can’t wait to see the love of my life again.



Ashton Anna

Welcome to AshtonAnna’s Blog

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Ashton & Anna’s Life. We wanted to keep everyone updated on our life and what is new and exciting.

Currently Ashton has left for 3 months to Camp Cherry Valley which will be his last year for a while. So I am waiting here in Polson for his return and keeping myself very busy with our house, gardening, horses and work!