Married Life


On September 21, 2007 Anna and Ashton were married by Joan Roeschke with many of their family and friends.

Our photographer put together a slide show of some wedding pictures. Our photographer was Jensen Sutta, and he was amazing!

We should be getting our wedding pictures soon, and I’ll put up some here on our blog.


Married Life

Quarterly Hair Cut

Yes, that time is upon us again for the quarterly hair cut. (We are about 5 weeks before the end of the quarter, but nonetheless, the time has come.)

Pics first, story later:

(Notice my inability to have a picture taken without a computer in the background… hahaha!)

Quick Story:
I’ve been trying to get Anna to learn how to cut hair. I mean c’mon! If she wants to be a real ranch woman who grows her own veggies, gets eggs from her own chickens, rides horses, and all that, she’s going to have to learn how to cut her children’s hair. And I don’t want to waste an hour driving to town to sit in a chair to pay a guy to mess up my hair. I’d rather get my hair messed up in privacy and save the money and time.

So Anna’s cutting my hair… Okay so she only used a shaver, and (as unwise as it was) I let Anna figure things out as she already didn’t really like doing it, and I didn’t want to completely scare her off by telling her how to cut my hair…

So she chose her own shaver lengths and started trimming the back of my head. Suddenly she says, “How about a buzz cut?”

“Uh…. I’ve never had my hair shorter than 1 1/2 inches… I don’t think so.”

“Ah C’mon, I think you’ll look great.”

“I don’t, just try to trim it down to an inch.”

(long pause…)

“….Too Late… Your getting a buzz cut.”

So Voila! I now have the shortest hair I’ve ever had, (except for a couple months after I was born).

-Good Times