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• Tuesday, October 16th, 2018

We had a very fun evening at a local Park for Atley’s first Oregon Birthday.


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• Tuesday, September 25th, 2018

Atley is going to be a storm trooper for Halloween this year, and Archer was going to be Kylo Ren. Anna bought a Darth Vader costume as she couldn’t find Kylo, and asked if that’s okay.

“Yes! I want to be Darth Vader so my brother can work for me!” – Archer.

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• Saturday, July 21st, 2018

4 days after we arrived at our new house in Oregon, and Archer was playing in his new Lego room under the stairs. The latch for his room was just a normal deadbolt. Today, the deadbolt failed and got stuck in the locked position, locking Archer under the stairs with his Legos. Anna heard him screaming to get out, but quickly calmed down.

We hadn’t had our Internet connected yet (because CenturyLink is inept), so I had to work in town at the coffee shop. I found a L-shaped screw driver and passed it under the door to Archer, who unscrewed the face of the deadbolt from the inside.

I was very proud of my boy for staying so calm and figuring out how to unscrew the deadbolt.


• Friday, March 09th, 2018

They aren’t always good brothers, but when they are, they are so cute. Here’s Archer and Atley trying to do the “Superman” that daddy does:

(I’m spying on them on the baby monitor in the play room.)

• Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

I’ve started learning German (again) through DuoLingo on my phone. Archer was a little interested so I explained the idea of German being another language with different words for the same thing. I taught him “Wasser” which means “water.”

Anna says to Archer, “What is ‘Wasser’?”


“I mean, How do you say ‘Wasser’ in English?”

“Wasser in English”

“How do you say ‘Water’?”


“No, I mean ‘Water’ in German?

“Water in German”

“hmm. How do you say the German word for ‘Water’?”

“German word Water”

Anna leaves. I still can’t breathe. HAHAHA. Archer thoroughly enjoyed our reactions.