Epic Barn Project Ranch

Epic Barn Construction Prep

Today, we spent quite a few hours doing the following:

  1. Removing nails from any boards that still had them. (There are a lot left still…)
  2. Moving 30 old bales of hay.
  3. Removing two fence posts.

Here’s a little Collage of everyone at work (Thanks Grampa, Mom and Dad!):

Barn Blue Print

After all that, here’s our cleared space where the barn will go (outlined in green).
Barn Blue Print
Barn Blue Print

I, Ashton, have spent a lot of time over the last couple weeks putting together the layout of this new barn. I want to keep it as similar as possible to keep the amount of work to a minimum (ha!), but because we cut a lot of the boards off the poles, we have a lot of shorter beams, so here’s what we have ended up with:

Barn Blue Print

Hopefully, I’ll catch up on the posts soon…
Ashton Anna

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