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Board Games

Ashton has gotten very deep into board games since moving to Oregon. I have always loved games, and he up playing games like RISK.

We started with a small collection around 2010 with games like Settlers of Catan, Star Wars RISK, and Lord of the Rings RISK. Then around 2018 we found Space Base, Secret Hitler, King of Tokyo.

Today, Ashton’s favorite games are INIS, Project Elite, And the latest addition to the collection: Mechs vs Minions.

Mechs vs Minions

  • Cooperative game where everyone plays against the game
  • Teaches Programming ideas.
  • Fun and adult setting
  • Creative challenging level design. Each scenario is very different.
  • Based on a computer game I used to play (League of Legends)
  • Both my kids love playing it.
  • Challenging

Jason and Garrett also love it so far. We just beat the third scenario (out of 10?).

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