Rosco Snow

It Snowed in April!

Yes it did. It snowed yesterday, and today. Yesterday’s snow actually stayed for about 12 hours. Today’s snow melted almost instantly.

In this picture you can see the snow, our hammock, Rosco, and our two closest neighbors (those are both 2 1/2 story buildings).

Rosco, Snow and our Neighbors!

Heres a picture of the mountain behind our house today, as I was driving back home from town.

Snowing in April!



The Snow Continues

The Snow Continues.

Since our last post, we’ve had a couple blizzards, and it got pretty cold. There is still snow everywhere. I parked my diesel car under the carport to keep the snow off of it… That didn’t work at all. The wind just covered my car. To make a long story short, I tried to get it started, but it was taking to long, so I left. Since I burned up all the battery on the first try, I couldn’t start my car again. =]

Anna and I had to push it out of the car port, and jump it with her car; which actually was pretty easy, considering how hard it could have been. So now I just park my car in the carport backwards, and if I start trying to start up my car, I make sure I get it started.

Fun times with diesels and cold. =]


Animals Mocha Snow

Mocha’s First Snow


It is so cold we got our first snow for the year up here. We couldn’t believe it last night all of a sudden the grass and plants were covered, we got about 5-6 inches! I feel bad for all the little kids cause it’s gonna be cold on Halloween. Oh and all those pretty flowers and plants are officially covered up and dead 🙁
Here are some cute pictures of Mocha in her first snow she really likes to play in it!