Snow Trips & Activities

Sledding in Montana

We have had 3 to 4 feet of snow fall here in Montana so far this Winter. Right now there is about a foot of snow on the ground. And since I’ve never gone sledding for more than a couple of feet, we went out and hit our neighbor’s hill. Anna purchased a sweet snow tube at the beginning of last summer, and we had some 1 person tubes we used on the river. Here’s Anna and Ashton in our river tube:

Ashton Anna Sledding

We’d estimate that this slope is 300 feet long. Here’s a video of some of the crazy slopes we took:

Then we got tired of hiking that ridiculous hill, so we had Cory pull us behind his old Toyota Land Cruiser.

Cory and his Land Cruiser

Happy New Year,
Ashton Anna

Animals Ranch Snow

Snow in June

So after our slightly rainy day on the 9th, we woke up to snow on the 10th. By the end of 16 hours of non-stop snowing, we had four inches of snow on the ground… and it didn’t go away for until half way through the 12th.

ashanna's snow
ashanna's snow
ashanna's snow
ashanna's snow

Here are some of our animals in the snow:
ashanna's snow
ashanna's snow

We also had a bunch of birds taking shelter on our front porch.
Here’s a sparrow that Anna caught mid-chirp:
ashanna's snow

Here’s what we’re 80% sure is a hawk:
ashanna's snow
He is so fluffed up he looks almost like an owl.

UPDATE 7/6/08:

The picture is of an American Kestrel, the smallest North American raptor. I believe it is a female because the wings are rusty and not blue grey.


Ranch Rosco Snow

Spring in Montana

Today was the second day of spring…

yea… about that…

Animals Mocha Ranch Rosco Snow

First Heavy Snow

(In our new house)

Anna and I have been in our new house for 7 months and married for 2. It finally snowed. Normally, it snows by Halloween, but this year it came very late… which usually means it’s going to be a short and heavy winter. We’ll see.

Here are some pictures:

Rosco and Pudge sitting in front of our house.
puppies in the snow

The view from my office window:
Snow outside my office.

Mocha in the snow:
Where am I supposed to sit?

My favorite girls:



Snow Again

It Snows AGAIN!

Tuesday, the first of May, it was 80 degrees and Anna got a horrible sunburn.

Two days later, on the third of MAY(!), it full on snowed for at least four hours. Then today, it lightly snowed and hailed sporadically throughout the day.

This picture was taken today from my office. You can see the mountain just beyond our property is still white with yesterday’s (and a little of today’s) snow.

And I thought LA weather was random!