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Coming to LA

Hey All! Anna and I are coming to LA! Yea!

We’re leaving tomorrow morning, and our friends will be house sitting for us. We’re stopping in Las Vegas for a wedding, and then we’ll be in LA Monday Morning!

Unfortunately, we’ll only be in LA for a week…. =( *Sadness*

On the next Sunday, I’ll (Ashton) be going to Camp Cherry Valley for a week, and Anna will be coming home.

It is my goal to see all of my friends while we’re down in LA, so if you’re my friend, call me, and lets get together.

See you all soon,

Trips & Activities

AshtonAnna at Cherry Valley

Ashton here again. I’ve just had the blessing of Anna’s company for 10 days straight! What a great week. Starting with our engagement party on the mainland. Then my love worked with me for a week out on Catalina Island! We had a blast!

Anna is such a hard worker. She ended up just switching around through a number of different jobs, most of witch were very tedious and widely known as “the worst jobs in camp.” Anna loved them all and always had the happy, cheerful smile that I love.

Muah to my baby.
Good night.