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Our Honeymoon

(Disclaimer: I know the honeymoon post is before the wedding post, and that’s because we don’t have our wedding pictures, but we do have our honeymoon pics!)

Ashton and Anna were married on September 21st. The very next morning at 6:00, we were on our way to the airport. We arrived and spent our first honeymoon night on the US Virgin Island: Saint Thomas. The next morning, we took the “Road Town Fast Ferry” to the British Virgin Island of Tortola, which is the island we spent the rest of the honeymoon on.

After paying some punk local $5 to carry our luggage 15 feet, we to a taxi to our Resort: Long Bay Resort. We had a villa up on the hill with an incredible view.

Incredible View:

The greatest part about our honeymoon was the fact that it was the “off-season” for the Caribbean, so there was no one there. Long Bay Resort, for example, has over 150 rooms, and is usually full. At any given time, while we were there, there were about 10-15 couples in the entire place, almost all of whom were on their honeymoon. It was rare to run into more than a couple people when we would walk the mile-long beach of Long Bay.

Not to mention the beaches were beautiful and relaxing:

The main place to eat breakfast and lunch at the resort was right on the beach:

One day, we went for a sailing trip on a 52′ day catamaran. It was extremely relaxing. We visited a couple islands and snorkeling spots:

Our honeymoon was more fun than can be expressed in just one blog post, so I’ll be adding another shortly,

Shall it forever burn brightly,
Ashton and Anna

Montana Trips & Activities

Time to Hit the Lake

These last to weeks were HOT, and it was time to hit the lake. The lake is still in the 60’s (which is better than the Pacific Ocean right now). We loaded up the boat with 6 people and a baby, and went out. To say the least, it was kind of windy (at least 1 foot swells). But we were going with the wind and I wanted to go water skiing.

Ashton Water Skiing

And no one else wanted to get in the water, so I went for a quick run in the tube (emphasis on quick). I think I was on the tube for a minute before I finally got dropped out of the wake, and instantly flipped. =)

Ashton Tubing

It’s been very hot up here, so I’m sure it’ll be nice and warm very soon.

-“I hate cold water”

Trips & Activities

Bridal Shower

First off I would like to thank all my family for throwing me 2 Bridal Showers!!!

My first shower was thrown by all the mom’s and my sisters at a cute little tea house in Sierra Madre which was for all my close family and girlfriends. I am still waiting on pictures from that one, so as I get them I will post them up here.

My second shower was thrown by my future Mother-In-Law Marcy. This was a cute garden party which was hosted at the beautiful home of Liz Baybak in La Canada. I was able to meet all of Marcy’s close friends and family friends that I haven’t been able to meet yet and I had a blast!

Marcy had several activities planned including, scrapbooking, Anna Q&A, a fun guessing game, plus a surprise showing of my championship riding video. We also had a wonderful spread of food and very cute decorations!

Here are some fun shots from the shower:

Entrance to the Party

Scrapbooking Table


Dr. Pepi

Liz Baybak

Madeline, Lee & Junda

Tonya Brooks, the lady that delivered both of us into this world!

My Bridal Party!

Marcy, Julianne Sherman, Me, Diana Henderson (Sister,) Camilla Danison (Sister)

Camilla, Carol (My Mom), Jace (Diana’s Baby), Lisa (My Step-Mom)

Trips & Activities

Back in Montana

We’re back home again, and trying to settle into the real world again.

I worked at Camp Cherry Vally for one week, and it was a dream. I never thought I could have so much fun in one week, and be working for 16 hour days… Life is definitely very exciting out on the island.

It’s very distracting to know that right now, there is an cove full of scouts playing games and having fun without me =)


Trips & Activities

Coming to LA

Hey All! Anna and I are coming to LA! Yea!

We’re leaving tomorrow morning, and our friends will be house sitting for us. We’re stopping in Las Vegas for a wedding, and then we’ll be in LA Monday Morning!

Unfortunately, we’ll only be in LA for a week…. =( *Sadness*

On the next Sunday, I’ll (Ashton) be going to Camp Cherry Valley for a week, and Anna will be coming home.

It is my goal to see all of my friends while we’re down in LA, so if you’re my friend, call me, and lets get together.

See you all soon,