Family Montana Summer

2009 MT Trip Summary

Hello everyone! This is Geoffrey up in Montana, and I was given the honors to write a blog for my bro so he could go out and build his barn.

In case you didn’t know, our family is here in Polson, Montana at the Ashton and Anna Headquarters, but this time the activities were epic! Ranging from barn raising to water skiing, the family has lined up for a week of fun and games in true Montana style, basically.

I created a AshtonAnna header design for this blog, which you can see here:
AshtonAnna and family header

Here are some photos of some of the activities on the Lake:

Here’s me and Ashton flying around in the tube (also a new header):
AshtonAnna at the lake

This is AshtonAnna’s “I’m on a Boat” picture:
AshtonAnna at the lake

Montana Trips & Activities

Time to Hit the Lake

These last to weeks were HOT, and it was time to hit the lake. The lake is still in the 60’s (which is better than the Pacific Ocean right now). We loaded up the boat with 6 people and a baby, and went out. To say the least, it was kind of windy (at least 1 foot swells). But we were going with the wind and I wanted to go water skiing.

Ashton Water Skiing

And no one else wanted to get in the water, so I went for a quick run in the tube (emphasis on quick). I think I was on the tube for a minute before I finally got dropped out of the wake, and instantly flipped. =)

Ashton Tubing

It’s been very hot up here, so I’m sure it’ll be nice and warm very soon.

-“I hate cold water”