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New Puppy!

Anna has been talking about getting a dog for over a year, but we’ve never had a yard big enough for one. The day after we moved into our new house, Anna tells me that she’s going to stop by the pound and see if there are any puppies. I’ve never had a dog and can’t wait.

At about 11 o’clock, I get a phone call on my cell from a Montana number I don’t know. It turns out to be a friend of Buddy’s (Anna’s step-dad) who has a puppy that needs a home!

To make a long story short, he arrives at our house within an hour with our new puppy!

Meet Rosco!


He’s a German Shepard, Rottweiler mix. (Body structure of a German Shepard, coloring and fur of a Rottweiler, and the intelligence of both.) He is such a fast learner and a great listener! We don’t have to tell him anything more than twice. He always learns on the second.


What Rosco didn’t know was that we have a cat named Mocha and she’s not used to dogs.

Meet Mocha!

But Mocha is very curious about this new family member, and has been slowly getting used to him. As long as Rosco isn’t looking at her, she feels safe:

Mocha Sneaks up to get a sniff of the new dog.

Rosco Adopted our family immediately. When his owner drove off, he didn’t even notice. Anna has taken him everywhere and he loves every minute of it.


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