Outside Our New House

Outside Our New House!!!

We are so excited!! 2007 has been such a great year for us! Our business has been doing very well which has set us up to be able to buy our dream home.

We decided a while ago that we needed to move out of our starter home which we bought a year ago, before we get married. It is only 700 sq. ft. and has no room for any wedding gifts or expansion. Right now I have my desk set up in the bedroom and he is in the living room so to say the least we are a little cramped with no storage space.

So I started looking on the net at all the listings. We really wanted something that was close to town, had 10-20 acres for the horses, a nice house we could move into without much fixing up, some fencing for the horses (not barbwire), horse riding trails bordering the property, horse shelters, and room for guests and future kids. Let me tell you it can be very hard to find a place that is anywhere near town that isn’t horribly priced and has all the things I described above, but somehow we found it!

This house was built in 2002 which is awesome so it still looks brand new and it is almost 2,000 sq. ft! When you drive to the house you drive about 5 miles out of town up the west shore of the Flathead Lake and take a left on Flathead View Drive. Then you head all the way up to the mountains a few miles and take a right on Jumping Horse Lane (a very fitting name for my street) then you drive about 1/2 a mile on a dirt road and all of a sudden you are looking down into a little valley which is our house and property. It has one of those cool wooden post entrance ways with a sign hanging from the top beam which now reads “Skye Hawk Ranch”, we are going to make a new one for our ranch which is of course “Top Priority Trakehners”.

Starting from the outside it is on 21 acres with smooth wire and log post fencing. It has 3 horse shelters plus a fenced arena and another seperate horse stall in case you need to isolate a pregnant mare or sick horse.

It also has a big 3 sided hay barn which is awesome so I don’t have to put tarps on my hay. The previous owners built a sand volleyball court with a big rock fire pit next to it and horshoe pits so we will have some fun parties!

Currently about 1/2 of the 21 acres is fenced with the smooth wire fencing. Up behind the house there is about another 10 acres which is a nice slopping hill which will be great exercise for the horses.

It is fenced on 3 sides currently with barb wire so next year we will probably re-fence it. When you walk to the top of the property you can see the lake and the mountains which is a beautiful sight! When you are down at the house you can see the peaks of the snow covered mountains which looks cool but we are protected all around us mostly by hills and mountains which are great for blocking the wind.

In front of the house it has a big covered porch which we are going to have to furnish with some fun furniture!

You can see the hay shed from this picture

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