Our Well Almost Went Dry?!?

This story starts on Thursday the 10th of July, but first a little background:

We live on a 20 acer parcel of land, and since we are so far away from the “city” of Polson, we can’t get “city water.” (Thank Goodness!) We have our own well. The well is 280 feet straight down and produces 7 gallons of delicious water a minute.

Back to the story:
On the 9th of July, Anna spent a lot of time watering the yard getting ready for Ash’s family to arrive starting on the 17th. There was probably at least one hose on all day long.

On the 10th of July, (exactly one month since the snow) we were just starting our weekly Grub Club and water stopped coming out of our faucet… What?! About 30 minutes later, it came back on but was kind of dirty, with small flecks of dirt.

No!!! We only have 7 days to get the entire property ready for family to arrive, we don’t have time to get another well dug!

To make a long story short: After talking to many pump experts, neighbors and studying as much as I could get my hands on over the next three days, I found that there was a small electrical problem with the control box! Whew! After and hour of driving and $12, I had the well pump running again smoothly!

Ash just Databased the Mainframe!

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