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Moving the Chicken Coop

Spring cleaning has officially begun out here. We’ve done a lot of work reorganizing our hay shed. One of the biggest challenges so far was moving the chicken coop.

Last Summer, I built our Chicken Coop of the Ages, and created a “run” for the chickens to run around in:

Chicken Coop
Chicken Run
This has been in the front of our Hay Shed for the last year, and the chickens are making a mess. It’s also taking up extra space where we would like to put hay, so we have decided to move it to the back of the hay shed:
Chicken Run

First we had to clean it up:
Chicken Run Before

Then we built a roof out of wooden planks and a lot of chicken wire. We had to sew lengths of chicken wire together to make a “roof.” We used rocks to hold down the chicken wire where it met the ground (on the left):

Chicken Run After

Then I cut a hole in the wall at the back of the hay shed, and we moved our (extremely heavy) Chicken Coop of the Ages to the back of the hay shed.

Chicken Run

Here are some happy Chickens scrounging for grubs in their new chicken run. (There is really no point in trying to clean off the chicken ladder… they love to poop on it.)
Chickens in their Chicken Run

Oh yea, and while we were cleaning up the garden area, we moved a board that was leaning up against the shed and we found this:
natural Chicken Nest

Hahah. That’s a baker’s dozen of eggs.

Ashton Anna

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