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Epic Barn Project – First Wall

Today was a pretty fun day. Buzz and Ashton got to use the sledgehammer, saws-all, grinder and claw foot quite a bit. (Anna was finishing up a different project which she should post about soon.)

I only was able to work on it for just under 4 hours today. We did manage to get one whole length of wall down though. Here’s a quick picture blog of the progress we made today:

Epic Barn Project Before
Epic Barn Project Before

Here’s Buzz pushing down the last wall:

Epic Barn Project Before

My original idea was to take down these different wall sections, load them on a trailer and then just nail them back up at our house. Although convenient in theory, it may end up being harder than taking the entire walls apart. Buzz claims to have a very easy way of taking the boards apart, which is the most daunting aspect of taking the walls completely apart.

More to come,
Ashton Anna

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