Mocha Ranch Snow

Lake Anna

We had an interesting thing happen this year when the snow melted. Instead of making a cute little frozen pond for us to “ice skate” on, it just kept growing. It kept snowing, raining and freezing until we ended up with a lake that is currently covering about 7 acres (including the road between our house and the neighbors).

Here’s a video where Ashton investigates where all this water is coming from:

The best part of having a lake in your front yard is the beauty. Water can sure be beautiful.

Lake Anna Montana Sky

We have even had a few flocks of ducks stay with us for a couple days on their way to Canada.

Lake Anna with Ducks

At one time we counted 14 ducks swimming around. They were really hard to get close enough to take good close ups (even with my zoom lens). They were so cute swimming around in pairs.

Montana Ducks

While large parts of the lake were still frozen, Anna went out into it to retrieve a gate that had floated away. The dogs followed, and Rosco jumped up onto the ice. (He ended up getting stuck in the Ice, but Chief and Anna came back to break through the ice.)

Rosco, Chief and Anna in Lake Anna

So here’s a picture of the road that used to go to lead us to the neighbor’s house:

And what would an Ashton Anna blog update be without a picture of Mocha?



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