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Trip to Montana 2019

After moving to Oregon a year ago, we are taking our first full trip back to visit friends and vacation.

It was great to see the mountains, lakes and especially all of our friends we missed. Thank you Venters and Shizukus for giving us places to stay. We love staying with you.

We got to float the swan river with the Venters and the Loves. We’d never even been to that river in the 13-15 years we lived there.

We got to visit Nana’s old house and the first (red) house we bought together.

Special thanks to Kyo for taking great pictures of us (and staying at their house).

We swam in the canal with Dondon and ate peas with Amber

We got to kayak and paddle boat and go boating with even more friends

After a quick 10 days, we packed up and drove 10 hours home.

Thank you to all our friends we stayed with, played with, and enjoyed the company of.

<3 Ashton + Anna

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