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Archer’s 5th Season of Soccer

Archer just finished his 5th season of soccer practice (with Dad coaching of course).

Not sure if we’ve posted about this but here’s a quick summary of all of Archer’s teams:

Montana Fall 2017
Montana Spring 2018 – Red Team
Oregon Fall 2018 – Blue Raptors
Oregon Spring 2019 – Blue Raptors
Oregon Fall 2019 – Fireball Dragons (Orange)

Archer has always liked kicking the ball around with Dad, but in 2018, he was still very timid when playing with other kids. He wouldn’t get too close to the ball if another kid was already there.

In 2019, Archer is now an unfazed bulldozer. Nothing scares him, even the larger kids. He’s got just enough footwork skills to make basic turns, cuts and runs. We did a lot of emphasis on passing this season, and him and the boys have improved a lot.

Here’s a couple “highlights”:

Archer fights for this one. He keeps it in and dribbles well. (You can ignore the sound of me calling my son someone else’s name. That was two different sentences.)
I love this one. Good ball control, and then he gets open and calls for the ball.
Good touches to get around the opponents.

He’s earning $1/goal right now, and I think he milked it for $25+ this season! Ha. We may have to tone that down in the Spring.

Ashton has loved seeing Archer grow and learn, and can’t wait to play with him.

I will add that this team has been great. Kids are mostly good listeners, and the parents help out a lot. I had to miss a couple games, and the parents filled in very well. It has been great.

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