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Epic Barn Project: Breaking Ground

After all of that Construction Preparation, we have finally broken ground!

On the night of the 29th (just after the last post), Donald came out with his skidster and worked long into the night digging out a level spot of ground for the epic barn project and creating a drainage bermĀ on the hill behind where the barn will be. Thank you Donald!

Epic Barn Project: level foundation

As you can see from those pictures, we have piles of wood EVERYWHERE! We have finished cleaning up the mess at Buzz’s, and moved all of the materials to around the construction site. Here’s some shots of the endless amounts of wood:

Epic Barn Project: level foundation

After that (on the 3rd of August), Charlie came over with the Auger and dug 16 holes for us! I gave Geo the camera and he had a hayday for me:

Epic Barn Project: level foundation

Yeay! for instant holes in the ground. Thank you Charlie!

Epic Barn Project: level foundation

Good Neighbors and Friends Rule!
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