• Saturday, November 09th, 2019

We got a new board game called space base. We have all been enjoying it so I decided I would paint it next. But instead of using the space ships on the cover, I replaced them all with my favorite ships/stations:

• Saturday, October 26th, 2019

Archer just finished his 5th season of soccer practice (with Dad coaching of course).

Not sure if we’ve posted about this but here’s a quick summary of all of Archer’s teams:

Montana Fall 2017
Montana Spring 2018 – Red Team
Oregon Fall 2018 – Blue Raptors
Oregon Spring 2019 – Blue Raptors
Oregon Fall 2019 – Fireball Dragons (Orange)

Archer has always liked kicking the ball around with Dad, but in 2018, he was still very timid when playing with other kids. He wouldn’t get too close to the ball if another kid was already there.

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• Saturday, October 19th, 2019

We finally made it out to the Halloween event at the pumpkin patch that our neighbor works at. It was awesome.

They had quiet a long train track loop set up with a spooky tunnel. We went on it twice.

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• Saturday, October 05th, 2019

Just Atley being adorable tonight.

• Monday, September 30th, 2019

Our family has always played lots of games. Archer has been playing 8+ and 10+ age recommended games with me for at least a year. Tonight, we finally got our entire 5-person family together to play a board game together. (It’s possible that we’ve done this before, but I don’t think Atley stayed long enough to finish the game.)

We played King of Tokyo on daddy’s New board game table, and daddy just barely won just before bed time.

Atley knocked out Nana with lots of “smash” side, and then bought high altitude bombing to deal 3 damage to everyone in the game.

Then Archer rolled 5 smash dice and gave the most adorable evil laugh. We tried to recreate it lol :

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