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Baby Mustang Running Around

Here is the baby mustang running around at two days old!


Ashton Anna Horses

AshtonAnna Pet the Baby Mustang

AshtonAnna’s baby mustang is a female, but doesn’t have a name as of yet.

We realize that this baby mustang doesn’t know what to think about humans, except for what her mother teaches her… which is going to be “scared as beans.” So we’re trying to get the baby as used to us as possible. The hardest part about this is going to be trying to touch the baby since her mother is so protective.

This morning, Anna went out early to feed the horses, and try to the baby used to humans (at least a little bit). So Anna patiently sat in the middle of their paddock – “just being there.”

AshtonAnna's Mustang

After a while, the baby lied down and fell asleep. Aspen, the mom, got hungry, so she went into that little shelter (where her food is) to eat.

Anna sneaked over to the baby and pet it for at least five minutes. I snuck out with the camera to take some pictures. (Mocha even came out to meet the new baby.)

AshtonAnna's Mustang
AshtonAnna's Mustang

Unfortunately, my camera was too noisy, and Aspen remembered about her baby. She walked over to us snorting (in fear) to wake up the baby.

AshtonAnna's Mustang
(That right there is probably the closest Aspen has ever gotten to a human on her own volition.)

This time she didn’t forget to take the baby with her when she went back to eat.
AshtonAnna's Mustang

Overall a great experience for the baby and Anna!


Animals Ashton Anna Horses Ranch

AshtonAnna’s Baby Mustang

What a crazy morning.

(Let me first introduce the latest additions to our “ranch.” Anna purchased two wild mustang mares (females) at auction. Here they are:

Wild Mustangs
Nevada and Aspen.

After purchasing the mustangs Anna was reading through the pamphlet they gave her, and it said there was always a possibility of a wild mare being pregnant.)

Now that you have met the mustangs, here’s this morning’s story:

The first thing Anna tells me in the morning is it looks like the coyotes ran off with our chickens. She couldn’t find them anywhere. So we both went looking for them, and found them a good 70 yards from their coop on the north side of our house.

After we brought the chickens back to their almost franticly lonely duck (poor guy), we decided to take a walk down our driveway to see how our newly-planted, baby trees are doing. We’re about half-way down our driveway and Anna says. “What is that?!?!”

Remaining as calm as possible, I look over into the pen and see this:

Wild Mustangs
What is that in front of aspen? No way, it’s a baby! Enjoy the pics of mini-aspen:

Wild Mustangs
Wild Mustangs
Wild Mustangs
Wild Mustangs
Wild Mustangs

I’m sure there will be more to come from AshtonAnna’s Ranch.

UPDATE: This just in: the new foal is a female (filly)!
We’ll be choosing her name tomorrow.


Lazy Horses

Well it’s the middle of winter up here and it’s been pretty cold but you wouldn’t be able to tell with the behavior of my horses. I just happened to look out my living room window and this is what I saw.

Girls Napping

This is Ogellee (my old mare), Liana, Ossette & Onora.

Liana and Ossa

A close up of Ossette and Liana with Rosco prowling to see if he can cause any trouble.


Ogellee claiming her pile of hay.

Sisters Napping

And my favorite the two sisters Ossette & Onora laying head to head.

Cows Horses

Where are the horses?

Ah, they must be behind our neighbors house…

Oh yea, I guess.

*An hour passes*

Where the heck are my horses? I’m going to go find them.

*5 minutes later*

Ashton! My horses are gone!


That, my friends is a very entertaining start to what is sure to be an unproductive day. Anna grabs some halters and lead ropes, and we jump into the car on the quest of trying to find our four disappearing horses.

As noted in a previous post, all it takes is a couple of cows for Liana to break a fence… but this time she was on a good 10 acres of land, so we figured she would have enough space to run and hide (from the evil cow goblins).

Apparently not.

The Quest Begins:

LEVEL 1: Finding our steeds. We started our quest by driving off down the road for about a mile. With luck on our side, we found them without any problem:

LEVEL 2: Putting on two halters. (If we could lead two of the horses, the other two would follow, being herd animals.) The horses didn’t run off as we approached, and Anna got a halter on Liana and gave her to me.

During this time, a friendly neighbor by the name of Patty brings over a Folgers can full of “bribery” (grain). The other three horses were more difficult to acquire, but with the expert application of the afore mentioned “bribery,” Anna finally got a halter on Ossette.

With two of our four horses haltered, and our car sitting on the side of the road, we began on the journey back to the ranch.

LEVEL 3: Cows. Yes, that’s right. Cows… On this dirt road back to our house, we have a field of cows on the right-hand side. Thankfully most of them were napping a good distance from the fence, so it only freaked out the girls a little bit. (Jett, the stallion could care less.) With lots of love, coaxing, and hard pulling on the lead ropes, we managed passed Level 3 without too much of a problem.

LEVEL 4: More Cows! Yes… it gets worse. After another 100 yards or so we come upon an entire herd of awake cows on the right side of the road. The more afraid of the cows our horses got, the more interested the cows got. There must have been 100 cows pressed up against the fence. (I apologize for the lack of pictures as it took two hands minimum to keep Liana on target.)

We worked at getting past this level for a good 5 minutes. At one point, I lost the level (and the lead rope), and had to start all over again. =)

But in the end we did get through this difficult level.

And just as we did, I had a great photo opportunity with Liana and Onora:

(I think this is my favorite horse picture of all time.)

Little did I know, but these very attentive horses were looking at…

FINAL BOSS – LEVEL 5: Horse Stampede. On the left side of the road, is just over 40 acres of land and 30 mares, who are normally all eating grass. As I look over at them after taking the above pictures, I see at least 20 of them galloping straight at us….

I was praying that the girls wouldn’t spook as the herd drew closer, and my prayers were answered. The herd (thankfully) stopped at the wire fence, and the girls stayed calm. Jett even went over to say, “Hi!” As he sniffed noses with five other horses, one of the mares got her foot caught in the wire fencing, she panicked and ripped it away from the posts.

This freaked everyone out, and the stampede ran off into the distance.

After defeating the Horse Stampede, we had a short walk back to the ranch and completed the quest.

It turns out that the cows were making a ruckus this morning, and must of scared Liana into the fence… She broke down three fence posts and got a small cut on her chest:

The weird part is how she managed to get to the other side of the cows… She would have had to run past all those cows to get to where they were. That will be one mystery that probably will never be solved.


(P.S. On a positive note, we met another very nice neighbor, Patty, and she gave us a ton of rubar leaves!